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AHSME (American High School Mathematics Examination) Problems and Solutions from Harold Reiter’s Home Page.  Most of these questions are appropriate for MTHCOUNTS preparation

The 1995 AHSME and The 1995 AHSME Solutions

The 1996 AHSME and The 1996 AHSME Solutions

The 1997 AHSME and The 1997 AHSME Solutions

The 1998 AHSME and The 1998 AHSME Solutions

The 1999 AHSME and The 1999 AHSME Solutions

The 2000 AMC10 and The 2000 AMC10 Solutions

The 2000 AMC12 and The 2000 AMC12 Solutions

The 2001 AMC12 and The 2001 AMC12 Solutions

The 2001 AMC10 and The 2001 AMC10 Solutions

Other AMC problems can be found at: