Starting a                       Program

A Handbook of Math Solutions


For Middle School Math Teachers and Students


Written By


John Cocharo

Formerly of St. Mark's School of Texas



The Oakridge School

5900 Pioneer Parkway

Arlington, TX 76013-2899


Texas State MathCounts Coach

1986, 1994, and 1995


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Chapter I. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers, common fractions, mixed numerals, decimals, integers, and rational numbers


Chapter II. Simplifying numerical, variable, and exponential expressions, evaluating variable expressions, and writing equivalent fraction, decimal, and percent expressions


Chapter III. Solving problems, percent sentences, linear equations, inequalities, and word problems.


Chapter IV. Determining mean, median, mode, and range for sets of data and interpreting graphs.


Chapter V. Determining probabilities and applying counting properties, permutations, combinations,

and rules of sum and product


Chapter VI. Applying estimation and approximation skills..


Chapter VII. Determining perimeter, area, volume of geometric figures using the Pythagorean property, and triangle relationships, and circle relationships.

Chapter VIII. Applying number theory including primes, composites, divisibility, least common multiple,

greatest common factor, and prime factorizations

Chapter IX. Applying Trigonometric Functions.


Chapter X. Studying Advanced Topics.