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Sources for Practice Problems/Take Home Work

MATHCOUNTS Previous years competitions MATHCOUNTS web site contains the previous year’s competitions

Old competitions sets are for sale by MATHCOUNTS

Old competitions available for download Goodly Maths


Online MATHCOUNTS practice problems

EducAide has all of the previous years competitions and handbooks available for purchase in electronic form

Your state MATHCOUNTS coordinator may have a limited number of previous years’ handbooks available.


Problem Books Materials available from MATHCOUNTS

Books available from Creative Problem Solving in School Mathematics

Math Olympiad Contest Problems for Elementary and Middle Schools

The All-Time Greatest MATHCOUNTS Problems


John Cocharo’s Math Solutions

Frank Ho’s Math Contest Preparation

Problem Books You Can Buy


Other Web Sites MATHCOUNTS Problem of the Week


Go Figure

Problems from NCTM

Problems from ASHME (American High School Mathematics Examination)

GoodlyMaths Competition Archive