Starting a                       Program

Team Selection


When should you select your team (and the 4 other students going to competition if applicable)? Some select early so they can spend more time working with the few who will go to competition

Some wait till right before competition so that everyone has a chance to improve


Should you allow everyone to continue to come to practices after the team is selected? Some say no so they can spend more time preparing for the competition alone

Some say yes so that everyone, especially those who could be on the team next year, can benefit the most from MATHCOUNTS


What criteria should be used to select the team? Every coach has their own ideas, but consider the following items when making the decision: Homework

Extra work completed


Performance in practice

Practice competitions

School competition (usually the major factor in deciding)

The grade of the student--some coaches give extra points to someone in the 8th grade over people in lower grades


If the student is in an accelerated class doesn't always indicate a better MATHCOUNTS competitor